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Delicious Destinations in Tuscany (Tremendous Entertainment Inc)

Andrew Zimmern’s hugely successful series Delicious Destinations came to Italy to film new episodes, and they asked us to help them with one on Tuscan cuisine and one on Ligurian cuisine.
The Tuscan episode was centred around the coast at Livorno where we filmed the classic Tuscan fish dishes cacciucco (fish stew), Triglie alla Livornese (mullet Livorno style), and Torta di Ceci (chick pea pizza) a traditional Livorno snack for sailors. But how can you come to Tuscany and not film its world-famous olive oil, wild boar and Florentine steak? So, the TV crew moved inland and filmed an olive mill crushing olives to create extra-virgin olive oil, the perfect accompaniment to a Chianina steak cooked on the grill. And the mouth-watering wild boar sauce for pappardelle al ragù di cinghiale.
Tremendous Entertainment contacted us to help them finalize their list of dishes, and find the right locations and chefs. Finding the right contributor isn’t always easy, they need to have a fine balance of culinary know-how and personality. And the location needs to be visually pleasing, in-tune with the dish that’s being filmed, and on a practical level big enough to get a TV crew inside!
Delicious Destinations in Tuscany aired on the Travel Channel in 2017.




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